Customer Case
As the professional manufacturer of laser cutting machine in China, we aim to be the worldwide brand meeting international standard to provide our optimized products.
Thanks to our good quality and strong service support, our machines are widely exported to Europe, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia and so on.

  • Another CNC aser cutter 4KW  Excalibur 3015 for Taiwan customer
  • One smallest metal laser cutter  Lead πVF 3015 for Taiwan customer
  • 6KW CNC laser cutting machine successful commissioning for Brazil customer
  • 12 KW highest power successful commissioning for Taiwan customer
  • 8KW metal laser cutting machine Excalibur 3015 for Taiwan customer
  • 12KW CNC laser cutting machine Excalibur 4020 for Taiwan customer
  • 3KW CNC laser cutting machine for Indian customer
  • 6 KW PI IIF-6025 , for Brazil customer
  • 8KW πIIF-4025 for Taiwan customer
  • 3KW πI 3015 for Malaysia customer
  • One more Excalibur 4020, 4KW for Taiwan customer
  • Excalibur -3015, 8KW laser power for Taiwan customer
  • 8KW Excalibur 3015 for Korean customer (loyal customer)
  • 3KW πI 3015 for Vietnam customer
  • 32KW LEAD πI 3015 for Australian customer (color customized)
  • 8KW LEAD πII 8025 for Korea customer (Big table size)
  • 1000w LEADπtvF 6015 for Korea customer
  • 2000w Excalibur 4020 for Germany customer
  • 13000 W Excalibur 4020 for Korea customer
  • 5000w LEADπ 4020 for France customer
  • 2000w Excalibur 4020 for Belgium customer
  • 3000W LEAD αF 3015 Delivery For Russia Customer
  • 13000W LEAD αII-3015A Delivery For Indian Customer
  • 3000w Lead αII-3015A for Indian customer
  • 6000W LEAD β II 8020A Delivery For Australia Customer
  • 6000W LEAD ∑ 8020 Delivery For Australia Customer
  • 8KW Excalibur 3015 for Korean customer (loyal customer)
  • Great news!!!

    Our Lead Laser suite, one very advanced fully graphic, touch screen operation interface, is awarded as "Ringerier Technology Innovation Awards 2018 and Industry Pioneer Award"  during this Technology Innovation Awards conference.

    Our Lead Laseer suite is developed based on our wide experience on the laser industry application, ton convert to the combination of the software and system for customer to make good use of it to win the best profit.

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